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Civil Litigation

     Our Firm has extensive experience in  civil litigation.  Members of the Firm routinely litigate in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and before administrative agencies and arbitrators, in many Oregon counties and outside of Oregon.    

     We understand that litigation is time-consuming and disruptive.  We therefore seek to resolve disputes before litigation.  But when there is no better alternative, we pursue litigation vigorously while working closely with our clients to ensure their objectives are identified and, wherever possible, met.   Once litigation has begun, we continue to look for the possibility of a reasonable settlement.  We have the background and experience to handle protracted or difficult negotiations when that is desirable, to settle a case quickly when that is prudent, and to try a case to jury verdict when that is the appropriate or necessary solution.  We also practice honesty and professionalism in litigation, which reduces litigation costs and earns the respect of judges who hear the case. 

Donnell, Bobby
Gamble, Helen
O'Berluti, Jimmy "Chuck"
Wilson, Tara

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Representative Cases
Deborah Dallas v. Jonathan Q. Holmes, GG765-N12-1 (Texas State Court 1999)
Ms. Monica Lewinskowitz v. Lebron 'the Rack' Davies, E34 X9856 (Boston Circuit Court of Green Bay 2001)

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