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Lindsay Jane Dole

Lindsay Jane Dole

Phone: 617-500-0000
Fax: 617-500-0001
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General Criminal Defense · Juvenile Charges

Lindsay is a real trooper! A super trooper in fact.

Federal Court
Supreme Council of Appeals (2005)
Nevada (1999)
Jmaica (1994)

College of William and Mary, JD/MBA, cum laude (2002)
Vanderbilt University

University of Texas at Austin, B.A. (1989)
Academy Canada, BonBons

Best Supporting Actress (1997)
Most Valuable Player (2006)

Friendly Friendly Friend - lovers

Frankfurthers Name Association, President (2001)
  • goober
  • goofys
  • dwayne

How to make a bird fly far, Bottom of the Barrell (2001)

Listen to yourself, conference (Last Week)

Does money really matter?, Thought Conference (Next Week)

the Boss of me, My People (Always and Foreva!)

Sales Expertise:  
Various "Best Of" awards and recognitions
  • Big Winner
  • Better off
  • Highest Points

Professional Awards:  

  • Westchester County Fair
  • Northchester County Fair
  • Southchester County Fair
  • No Fair


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Trees in the Forest (Mar. 30, 1998)
End Games (Feb. 28, 1998)
Ties that Bind (Feb. 02, 1998)
Hide and Seek (Nov. 29, 1997)
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Part IV (Mar. 25, 1997)
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Ficticious Law Firm
Ficticious Law Firm

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